Mark Tokens Designs

Here is a selection of the Mark Tokens I have had the privilege to design. If you would like to discuss the design or production of a mark token, jewel or any other items, please get in touch.

"I asked Bro Gabriel Ritchie to design and manage the production of a mark token to commemorate my time as RWM of my lodge. The design was stunning and expertly managed."

“The Lodge 127 Master's charity token is far better when I received it than the picture show, I bet they are sold out.

“The Master’s Charity token arrived today, it is a really smart one, I will probably put it in a proper coin box to show it at its best.”

View my masonic token collection

Lodge St John No 22


Lodge Ibrox No 1272

Glasgow - Dormant

Lodge Toryglen No 1561


Lodge Thistle No 127

Ayrshire - Charity Token