Connect With Members

Keeping your members up-to-date, informed and engaged is critical today.

Notify and Communicate

Using social media, including WhatsApp, is the easiest way to communicate with members and visitors.

Boost your visibility with social media, and you can reach a wider audience and increase the exposure of your lodge.

Building member engagement on social media platforms provides a space for members to connect, share updates, and engage in conversations, which will foster a strong sense of community within your lodge.

Promote Events and Find New Members

If someone has a keen interest in Freemasonry, they will look online for information. Ensure they find out the real meaning behind the amazing work within the community by being visible.

Drive meeting attendance and promote your lodge's events and gatherings through social media to attract more visitors and create a buzz around your activities.

Make your social media presence felt by having open discussions with members and prospective members.

Digitise your lodge history and engage with bethren